Episode 5: I’m married, but attracted to someone at work – what should I do? (Part 2)

  • The Bible calls us to put off ungodliness and put on godliness.
  • In this situation, “putting off” is fleeing the situation (2 Tim 2:22); “putting on” is pursuing righteousness with other believers.
  • If you have to interact at work, keep it strictly professional. If you can’t keep it strictly professional, do something drastic, like getting a new job (Matt 5:29-30).
  • There is no action too drastic to prevent the destruction of your testimony and marriage.
  • “Pursuing righteousness with others” at the very least means telling someone that you trust and asking them for help.
  • Under no circumstances should you tell the person you are attracted to.
  • A great, godly protection for any marriage is to cultivate deeper intimacy with your spouse in every area of your marriage.

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