Episode 120: Rightly Understanding God’s Desire to Be Glorified

Episode Highlights:

– There are inherent differences between God and man that make it appropriate for God to desire worship and inappropriate for man to desire worship. (Psa 50:12-15; Acts 24-25)

– God doesn’t need anything. When we conceive of Him as needy because He desires worship, we make the mistake of thinking about Him as if He is a man. (Psa 50:12)

– We are worshipers by nature; the worship of false gods brings misery; by calling us to worship Him, God calls us to joy. (Rom 1:18-32; Ps 16)

– God is the greatest being conceivable, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. When He calls us to Himself to recognize this, it is a kindness.

Episode 119: What’s the deal with Reformed Theology?

Episode Highlights:
– Reformed theology (as we are using the phrase) holds that God rules with absolute control over all creation, foreordaining all that happens, but doing so in a way that does not deny human will or make God the author of sin.

– It is an important doctrine because it is founded upon the doctrine of God and therefore has implications for all other doctrines. It also has implications for ministry methodology and the Christian life.

– Reformed theology is not the most important component of what we believe and we should NOT break fellowship with those who disagree.

Episode 118: Does it really mean that? Matthew 12:32

Episode Highlights
– The larger context is essential to understanding difficult passages.
– Context: The Pharisees had already rejected Jesus and were determined to lead others to do the same.
– Context: The Pharisees accused Jesus of casting demons out by the power of the devil…when He actually did it by the power of the Spirit.
– Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is slandering the Holy Spirit by attributing His work to the devil in an attempt to prevent belief in Christ.

Episode 117: How should we respond to those who reject cooperation with secular pro-lifers? Part 2

Episode Highlights:
– Christians should use whatever means God affords to preserve life.
– If our goal is the preservation of life, incremental progress in the fight against abortion should celebrated, while continuing to work toward its eventual eradication.