Episode 164: Can a seared conscience be re-sensitized?

Episode Highlights: – The conscience is our God-given capacity to make moral judgments about ourselves. (Rom 2:14-15) – A seared conscience is one that has become desensitized due to an individual repeatedly ignoring its voice. (1 Tim 4:1-2) – A seared conscience is dangerous because it makes us more vulnerable to the harmfulness of sin.Continue reading “Episode 164: Can a seared conscience be re-sensitized?”

Episode 163: How far should I pursue an estranged family member?

Highlights: – Such strained relationships with unbelieving relatives should not surprise us as Jesus came to “bring a sword” (Matt 10:32-38) – In all such situations, “as far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men” (Rom 12:18). – Pray for the heart of Christ toward the estranged relative.

Episode 162: Opposing mask ordinances?

Highlights: – Depends upon what we mean by “oppose.” – Since our constitution gives us the right to redress in the courts, there is nothing wrong with seeking to have a mandate overturned. (Rom 13:1-2) – It is not biblical to simply disobey the mask mandates, even if we hold that the mandates are unconstitutional.Continue reading “Episode 162: Opposing mask ordinances?”

Episode 160: CCW for Christians?

Episode Highlights – The sanctity of human life based upon creation in God’s image leads to numerous injunctions to protect the weak from the wicked (Psa 82:3-4, Prov 24:11) – While we are not under the OT law, it does provide a window to the character of God. On this issue, the law indicates thatContinue reading “Episode 160: CCW for Christians?”

Episode 159: My life isn’t turning out how I’d hoped…

Episode Highlights: – This is the broad experience of man (Prov 19:21) – We should be thankful God’s plans are always fulfilled, even at the expense of our own, in light of His supreme wisdom and love (Rom 8:28-30) – The key to overcoming depression and despair over unfulfilled plans is desiring Jesus above allContinue reading “Episode 159: My life isn’t turning out how I’d hoped…”

Episode 158: Should Christians protest?

Highlights: – Believers are called to love and stand for justice (Psalm 9:7-8; Mic 6:8) – Believers are called to spread and live the gospel (1 Thess 1:8) – Believers are called to obey authority, understanding it is established by God (Rom 13, 1 Peter 2) – Christians can protest as long as their demeanorContinue reading “Episode 158: Should Christians protest?”

Episode 157: What are some of the signs I’m harboring bitterness? What can I do about it?

Episode highlights: – Eph 4:26-5:2 is a helpful guide. – What is your disposition toward the person? If there is not actual anger, do you struggle with your thoughts–re-living the offense? Eph 4:26 – How do you talk about the person to others and in your own mind? Eph 4:29 – Do you have aContinue reading “Episode 157: What are some of the signs I’m harboring bitterness? What can I do about it?”

Episode 156: “So I Don’t Have to Forgive…?”

Episode Highlights: – That an offender has not repented does not give a victim the right to hold a grudge, prolong their anger, or hold the person at arms-length. – Eph 4:26 is a command to be poised to forgive very quickly after the offense. – If we have obeyed Eph 4:26, our attitude towardContinue reading “Episode 156: “So I Don’t Have to Forgive…?””

Episode 155: Should I apologize for hurting a person’s feelings with truth?

Episode Highlights – We should not ask for forgiveness if we do not believe we have sinned. – We should take ample time to consider both the message and manner in which we delivered it. If either were inappropriate, we should ask forgiveness. – If after considering their hurt we still don’t believe we’ve sinned,Continue reading “Episode 155: Should I apologize for hurting a person’s feelings with truth?”