Episode 134: How should I address the social justice issue with my believing friend?

– Balance is needed on this issue. The Lord calls us to care for the weak and champion justice (Acts 20:35; Matt 12:18, 23:23). He also calls us to be all about gospel ministry (Matt 28:18-20; 2 Cor 5:18-21)
– We should beware of giving ourselves to any method of achieving reconciliation that is not gospel-based. The gospel saves and sanctifies. The gospel reconciles. (Rom 1:16; Gal 1:8; Eph 2:11-16)
– We should always speak the truth in love, returning conversations like these to the gospel.
– This is not an issue to divide over. We can agree to disagree.

Episode 133: What’s the deal with reformed theology? Irresistible Grace

Episode Highlights
– The gift of faith, sovereignly given by God’s Holy Spirit, cannot/will not be finally resisted by the elect
– Faith is a gift of God. Phil 1:29; Eph 2:8-9
– God saves without dependence upon man. Acts 9:3-16; 16:14; 1 Cor 1:30-31
– Those whom the Father chooses will be saved. Acts 13:48; John 6:37; Rom 8:30
– This doctrine should lead us to humility, gratitude, and greater freedom/confidence in evangelism.

Episode 132: Head coverings and short hair? Part 2

Episode Highlights:
– Historical and theological background indicate that Paul was instructing against women showing overt signs of rebellion and promiscuity.

– Symbols that would be more meaningful in our culture–showing faithfulness/submission to one’s husband–would be wearing a wedding ring and dressing modestly.

Episode 131: Head coverings and short hair? Part 1

Episode Highlights:
– There is evidence in the OT that it is not inherently ungodly for men to have long hair, and by inference, for women to have short hair. (Lev 10:6; 21:10; Num 6:5)

– It is likely that Paul’s comments regarding long and short hair are an application of the OT principle that the genders should be distinguishable – men should look like men, women should look like women. (Deut 22:5)

– If a woman can have shorter hair, while using her hair to look distinctively feminine, that is fine.

Episode 130: What should we do if we know the clock is ticking, but we’re not in a hurry to have kids?

Episode Highlights:
– Having children doesn’t have to mean the functional end of your marriage. A commitment to prioritizing your spouse will make that closeness transcend the childrearing years.

– We need to think deeply about what it means for children to be a blessing. They are a good, enjoyable, delightful gift. What other blessings do we put off because we think we have something better?

– Practically-speaking, having and raising children only becomes more difficult as you get older.

Episode 129: What’s the deal with reformed theology? Limited Atonement

Episode Highlights:
– This question pertains to the extent of the atonement: Did Christ’s death pay the penalty for all individuals without exception or only for the elect?
– A proper understanding of atonement itself excludes the possibility of a general or universal atonement.
– This doctrine, more accurately expressed as “particular redemption,” leads us to a right view of the power of Christ–He actually accomplished something on the cross–and of the love of God–it is a particular love that acts efficaciously upon its objects.