Episode 167: Counseling a child regarding assurance?

Episode Highlights

  • The Bible doesn’t point to our conversion experience as a source of assurance.
  • The Bible does point to spiritual growth as a source of assurance. (2 Peter 1:5-10)
  • We can help our children by making sure they understand the distinctions between justification and sanctification.
  • We can help our children by helping them to focus on intimacy with Christ and not their own fruit.


Episode 166: Another trial after the 1,000 year reign?

Episode Highlights:

  • A premillennialist might say that it depends upon who “we” is. Glorified believers reigning with Christ likely will not have to endure. Unglorified believers who survived the tribulation likely will. Believers born during the millennium definitely will.
  • A problem with a premillennial understanding of Rev 20 is that it requires death to exist for 1,000 years after the coming of Christ. 1 Corinthians 15 teaches that death will be defeated at the coming of Christ. (1 Cor 15:24-26; 50-58)


Episode 165: How do I answer my kids’ questions about my past?

Episode Highlights:

  • Tell the truth. Our authority comes from the Lord, not from our perfectly navigating life.
  • Sordid details may not be helpful. We don’t want to put a stumbling block in front of someone by getting into such detail that we are introducing them to things they aren’t even aware of.
  • If a parent has already lied about their past, confess the lie and ask for forgiveness. Then share about the original question regarding the past.

We’re taking a short break!

Our podcast team is taking a short break from recording and posting new episodes so that we can do some important things like having babies, nursing loved ones to health, etc. We’ll plan to post our next episode on Tuesday, September 1. Until then, please find one below you haven’t heard and share it with friends. Also, please keep your great questions coming!!

Episode 164: Can a seared conscience be re-sensitized?

Episode Highlights:
– The conscience is our God-given capacity to make moral judgments about ourselves. (Rom 2:14-15)
– A seared conscience is one that has become desensitized due to an individual repeatedly ignoring its voice. (1 Tim 4:1-2)
– A seared conscience is dangerous because it makes us more vulnerable to the harmfulness of sin.
– Repentance is the mechanism God uses to re-sensitize the conscience (2 Cor 7:11)

Episode 163: How far should I pursue an estranged family member?

– Such strained relationships with unbelieving relatives should not surprise us as Jesus came to “bring a sword” (Matt 10:32-38)
– In all such situations, “as far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men” (Rom 12:18).
– Pray for the heart of Christ toward the estranged relative.

Episode 162: Opposing mask ordinances?

– Depends upon what we mean by “oppose.”
– Since our constitution gives us the right to redress in the courts, there is nothing wrong with seeking to have a mandate overturned. (Rom 13:1-2)
– It is not biblical to simply disobey the mask mandates, even if we hold that the mandates are unconstitutional. It is the function of the courts to decide the constitutionality of an order.
– If an order does not call us to disobey God, we must obey it (Acts 5:29)

Episode 161: Dealing with teen anxiety…an upcoming resource

Jason, Greg, and Kyle discuss a resource Jason is writing to help teens deal with anxiety by pressing into the joy of meaningful fellowship with the Lord.

Anxiety Survey Link:




Episode 160: CCW for Christians?

Episode Highlights
– The sanctity of human life based upon creation in God’s image leads to numerous injunctions to protect the weak from the wicked (Psa 82:3-4, Prov 24:11)
– While we are not under the OT law, it does provide a window to the character of God. On this issue, the law indicates that if a person’s life is in danger it is consistent with character of God to defend oneself. (Exo 22:2-3)
– Passages typically used to argue against self-defense pertain specifically to persecution or non-retaliation. We should apply passages to situations to which they actually pertain.
– Romans 13 gives the power of the sword to the government. Our government has specifically delegated that authority to the individual.

Episode 159: My life isn’t turning out how I’d hoped…

Episode Highlights:
– This is the broad experience of man (Prov 19:21)
– We should be thankful God’s plans are always fulfilled, even at the expense of our own, in light of His supreme wisdom and love (Rom 8:28-30)
– The key to overcoming depression and despair over unfulfilled plans is desiring Jesus above all (John 4:14; 6:35; 7:37-38; 17:3).