Episode 30: My spouse is extremely jealous to the point that he/she doesn’t want me to interact at all with people of the opposite sex. What should I do?

Episode highlights:

  • Key biblical principles:
    • God is a jealous God (Exo 20:4-5)
    • The Bible calls us to have relationships with other brothers and sisters in the Church (Eph 4:7-16; Heb 10:24-25)
  • The jealous spouse should understand that while there is such a thing as godly jealousy, there is also ungodly jealousy.  It is wrong to prevent your spouse from having godly relationships with other believers.
  • The other spouse should consider whether or not he or she is doing anything to inflame jealousy in the husband/wife.

Episode 29: My daughter is really feeling the tension of being unlike the super-feminist culture around her. How can I encourage her?

Episode highlights:

  • Parents need to understand complementarianism, why it’s biblical, and why it’s best for women.
  • Parents should receive questions from daughters with grace. This is especially critical if she is starting to be persuaded by the world.
  • Parents should disciple their daughters.
  • Parents can prepare their daughters for these pressures by majoring on biblical passages that show Christ standing alone and now standing with us (1 Pet 3:18; Heb 13:5-6; 1 Pet 4:4)

Episode 28: I’m not sure I want to have kids – would it be wrong not to?

Episode highlights:

  • There is a mandate in the creation account to be fruitful and fill the earth (Gen 1:28).  There is no indication that this mandate is no longer a concern.
  • Not having children requires preventing a pregnancy, which indicates purposefulness.  So the important question is “why?”
  • Most motives for not having children are self-centered or gospel-deficient.

Episode 27: As a Christian, how can I make the best use of Facebook, other social media?

Episode highlights:

  • Christians should pray for an abundance of wisdom and humility regarding their online presence. (Jas 1:5, 4:10)
  • Christians should be extremely judicious and gracious in their interactions regarding theological subjects online. (Col 4:5-6; Titus 1:16)
  • Christians who want to use their online presence to further the kingdom should consider being as apolitical as possible. (1 Tim 2:1-7; Rom 13)
  • Christians should consider whether or not the benefit of participating in social media is worth the cost.


Episode 26: How should I use discernment in giving to the poor?

Episode Highlights:

  • While giving to the poor is a good, godly thing to do, Matthew 25:31-46 is often misused to support this activity.
  • We should always err on the side of generosity.  Psa 41:1-3
  • We should use discernment in we give to people.  Suggestions:
    • Pray for discernment
    • Resist giving money; give food or other resources instead
    • Make donations to parachurch organizations that specialize in this kind of ministry.
  • Our main concern should be giving the gospel.  Jesus fed the poor and preached the gospel (Matt 11:5).

Episode 25: Screwtape Edition – How can I demoralize my wife? (Pt. 2)

Episode highlights:

  • (Like the Screwtape Letters, we’re thinking about an issue from the opposite angle to help move us to action.)
  • Undermine her authority with your children. When they are disrespectful to her, do nothing.
  • Make no attempt to learn her and prefer her. If you’ve already accidentally learned her, purpose not to live in accordance with that knowledge.
  • Use your tongue as a weapon. Especially in public.

Episode 24: Screwtape Edition – How can I demoralize my wife? (Pt. 1)

Episode highlights:

  • (Like The Screwtape Letters, we’re thinking about an issue from the opposite angle to help move us to action.)
  • Care nothing for your own spiritual well-being. You will then have no resources to lead your wife well, she’ll feel forced to lead, which she is not equipped to do.
  • Do not meet with other men for the sake of stirring one another up to love and good works. Expect your wife to carry the entire load of your need for accountability and encouragement.