Episode 60: I’ve recently befriended an unbeliever. As I develop a relationship with her, how should I talk with her about spiritual things? Do I come right out and share the gospel or is there a better approach?

Episode highlights:

  • Seek to grow in your affection for Jesus so that spiritual conversation is normal for you.  
  • Beware of “relationship evangelism” that is all relationship and no evangelism.  Matt 5:13-16
  • Ask good questions and listen to the answers.  (Do you have any spiritual beliefs?  To you, who is Jesus?  Do you think there is a heaven or a hell?  If you died tonight, where would you go?  If what you were believing was not true, would you want someone to tell you?)
  • Ask if they would read the Gospel of Mark with you.  (One to One Bible Reading, David Helm)
  • Invite them to church.
  • Be the best and most caring friend they have.

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