We’re taking a short break!

Our podcast team is taking a short break from recording and posting new episodes so that we can do some important things like having babies, nursing loved ones to health, etc. We’ll plan to post our next episode on Tuesday, September 1. Until then, please find one below you haven’t heard and share it withContinue reading “We’re taking a short break!”

Episode 164: Can a seared conscience be re-sensitized?

Episode Highlights: – The conscience is our God-given capacity to make moral judgments about ourselves. (Rom 2:14-15) – A seared conscience is one that has become desensitized due to an individual repeatedly ignoring its voice. (1 Tim 4:1-2) – A seared conscience is dangerous because it makes us more vulnerable to the harmfulness of sin.Continue reading “Episode 164: Can a seared conscience be re-sensitized?”

Episode 163: How far should I pursue an estranged family member?

Highlights: – Such strained relationships with unbelieving relatives should not surprise us as Jesus came to “bring a sword” (Matt 10:32-38) – In all such situations, “as far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men” (Rom 12:18). – Pray for the heart of Christ toward the estranged relative.

Episode 162: Opposing mask ordinances?

Highlights: – Depends upon what we mean by “oppose.” – Since our constitution gives us the right to redress in the courts, there is nothing wrong with seeking to have a mandate overturned. (Rom 13:1-2) – It is not biblical to simply disobey the mask mandates, even if we hold that the mandates are unconstitutional.Continue reading “Episode 162: Opposing mask ordinances?”

Episode 118: Does it really mean that? Matthew 12:32

Episode Highlights – The larger context is essential to understanding difficult passages. – Context: The Pharisees had already rejected Jesus and were determined to lead others to do the same. – Context: The Pharisees accused Jesus of casting demons out by the power of the devil…when He actually did it by the power of theContinue reading “Episode 118: Does it really mean that? Matthew 12:32”

Episode 98: Are meds always bad for depression/anxiety?

Highlights: – Psychology is based upon a different worldview than Biblical Christianity. – Whether or not to use medication for depression/anxiety is a wisdom/conscience issue. – Biblical counseling should be our automatic approach to depression/anxiety while seeing a medical doctor to rule out physiological issues. – There may be legitimate physiological issues that can beContinue reading “Episode 98: Are meds always bad for depression/anxiety?”

100 Episodes…Let’s Celebrate with a Contest!

Our 100th episode of Truth & Circumstances is rapidly approaching.  To mark the occasion, we are doing several things to celebrate. We’re holding a contest for the best question.  Like last time, “best” means the question that makes the judges most quickly say, “I really want to hear an answer to that!”  The contest hasContinue reading “100 Episodes…Let’s Celebrate with a Contest!”