Episode 13: Are there specific doctrines I should teach my children before they leave home? If so, what are they? (Part 4 – Doctrine of God, cont’d.)

Episode Highlights

  • In teaching our children, we should major on God’s attributes of goodness: mercy, grace, patience, and love. Exodus 34:6
  • Teaching our kids about God’s sovereignty enables them to understand other doctrines rightly and view God rightly. It also prepares them to handle the inevitable storms that will come into their lives as adults.
  • We can use family worship as a tool to teach our kids about God when we read the Bible understanding that it is His self-revelation. We should look for and highlight what each passage/story teaches about the character of God.
  • Occasions of fear and difficulty are great opportunities to teach them about God’s attributes, especially His omnipotence, wisdom, goodness, and love.

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