Episode 12: Are there specific doctrines I should teach my children before they leave home? If so, what are they? (Part 3 – Doctrine of God)

Episode highlights:

  • It’s essential to get the doctrine of God right because every other doctrine flows from it.
  • The Trinity is a major distinction between the God of the Bible and the god of false religions. Having a rudimentary grasp of it is important for understanding the gospel rightly.
  • Some divine attributes on which to focus with our kids:
    • Self-sufficiency – He needs nothing. Psalm 50:12; Acts 17:24-25
    • Immutability – He never changes. Mal 3:6
    • The Omnis (omnipresent, omniscient, omnisapient, omnipotent)
    • Holiness (righteousness, justice, wrath) – Lev 19:2

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