NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN – Episode 92: [Unscripted] Follow-up: My spouse wants me to do something sexually that I’m uncomfortable with…

– No matter which side of the question you’re on, your disposition should be to serve your spouse.
– Open communication and patience are highly important in this area.
– We must differentiate between wants and needs. We need Christ all the time. Certain sexual acts belong in the realm of wants.
– The spouse desiring a particular act should consider the motive. Is it to fulfill a sexual fantasy associated with a sinful past? Or is it to cultivate a more meaningful and mutually pleasurable experience?

Episode 91: How can I help my spouse in the battle against lust?

Episode Highlights:
– Be encouraged by what your husband’s confession says about you and what it says about him.
– Keep your spouse’s sin in perspective: it is not unique; God affords all the resources to fight; your identity is in Him.
– Be available to your spouse sexually.
– Insist that your husband get help from brothers in Christ.

Episode 90: My niece is getting confirmed in the Catholic church. How should I handle the situation?


– We would not encourage participating in the celebration or attending the baptism/confirmation as, like a gay wedding, they are denials of the true gospel.
– It would be best to lovingly share the gospel with your sister beforehand, explaining why you cannot attend.
– Love sometimes requires us to strain a relationship.
– All subsequent interactions with the family should be overtly loving and gracious.

Episode 88: Bullying follow-up: What about non-physical bullying?

– We should look for opportunities to prepare our children for adulthood which may mean leaving them in difficult situations.
– We should also understand that preparing our children for adulthood sometimes means sheltering them, which may mean saving them from severe situations.
– We should try to gauge whether a particular situation is going to be a long-term benefit or detriment.

Episode 87: My spouse wants me to do something sexually that I find unappealing…

– Any sexual activity that is explicitly sinful should be out of the question in marriage. Prov 5-7
– Our primary aim in the sexual relationship in marriage is to give pleasure. 1 Cor 7:1-4
– We should never make demands of our spouses, but seek mutual pleasure.