Episode 157: What are some of the signs I’m harboring bitterness? What can I do about it?

Episode highlights:
– Eph 4:26-5:2 is a helpful guide.
– What is your disposition toward the person? If there is not actual anger, do you struggle with your thoughts–re-living the offense? Eph 4:26
– How do you talk about the person to others and in your own mind? Eph 4:29
– Do you have a disposition of kindness toward them? Tenderheartedness? Eagerness to forgive? Eph 4:32
– A great antidote to bitterness is to spend MUCH time meditating of Jesus’ interactions with sinners in the Gospels.
– Pray for the offender, seek opportunities to do them good, and leave justice to God. Matt 5:44-45; Rom 12:19-21

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