Episode 152: We disagree about discipling our kids…what should we do?

Episode Highlights:
– The Bible gives us clear instruction on how to discipline our children.
– The Bible prescribes loving corporal punishment as the norm for disciplining children (Pro 13:24; 22:15; 23:13-14; Heb 12:6-11)
– We should incorporate loving corporal punishment without provoking our children to anger (Eph 6:4).


  1. What a great episode! Young parents at Providence are so blessed to have this kind of biblical help and wisdom as easy as a click away! Wow! I would just like to encourage the older parents of grown children, like myself, who did NOT do these things in a godly manner. There is much grace for you too! Thankfully God is kind to grant forgiveness for selfish parenting, and as much as we would love to have a “re-do”, we can find comfort in the fact that He is able to work in our kids’ hearts no matter how much we flubbed up! I’m so blessed to have close relationships with my older kids because of the work He has done and is doing…in them AND in me!


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