Spurgeon Study Bible Giveaway!

How would you like some great news and even better news?  First, the great news.  Broadman and Holman Publishers has just released their new CSB Spurgeon Study Bible, edited by Alistair Begg, featuring thousands of excerpts from Charles Spurgeon’s sermons and sermon outlines.  Facsimiles of his notes in his own handwriting are placed right next to the corresponding biblical text.  Reading this Bible will be similar to reading the Word with Charles Spurgeon sitting next to you, giving his commentary.  spurgeonbible

Some people (especially ESV aficionados) may be leery about the CSB (Christian Standard Bible).  We’ll give you our opinion and you can take it or leave it.  It’s a fantastic translation – very readable and exceptionally faithful to the original text.  In our opinion, there is value in having more than one version of the Bible on your shelf.  We like reading a different version devotionally.  It helps us to shake off our familiarity with certain texts and read them with new eyes, so to speak.  And with the CSB, we know we’re reading a solid rendering of the Hebrew and Greek texts.

And now for the better news – YOU could win a Spurgeon Study Bible for free!  The Truth & Circumstances podcast is having a “most compelling question” context.  We’re asking everyone to submit the questions they’ve been wrestling with but have never asked.  Whoever asks the most compelling question will receive a free Spurgeon Study Bible.  (Some of you are wondering, “What constitutes a ‘compelling’ question?”  Admittedly, it’s subjective.  It may depend upon what the judges had for breakfast that day.  The best way to increase your chances of winning is to submit numerous questions.)

Those of you who are already listeners know the kinds of questions we answer on the podcast – “we apply the truth of God’s Word to the difficult situations of real life.”  Got a difficult family (marriage, children, extended family, in-laws) situation?  Financial situation?  Health situation?  Ethical dilemma?  Church relationship issue?  Send in those issues in the form of a question!  The most compelling questions tend to be “real” questions based upon issues we are actually going through rather than hypothetical situations.

Some people may be afraid to submit questions because they don’t want anyone to know what they are dealing with.  Rest assured that the sources of the questions we receive are always kept confidential and we don’t assume that the person asking the question is the one with the issue unless they say so explicitly.  So the question could be asked in a more generic way, like, “what advice would you give to someone who…?”

Questions can be submitted on the Contact Us page and via TwitterFacebook, and email (questions@truthandcircumstances.com).  The last day to submit questions will be November 30.  A distinguished panel of three judges will determine a winner, and that winner will be announced the following week.  If you win, we’ll contact you to get mailing instructions and send out your new Spurgeon Study Bible ASAP!

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