Episode 78: What’s the best way to engage outwardly moral people with the gospel? Part 1


– Ask friendly questions about their basis for pursuing a moral life.
– Show them from the Scriptures the true value of “good works” done by fallen man.
– Show them from Scripture that the only good works truly pleasing to the Lord are those that result from saving faith in Jesus.

Episode 77: My child has been a victim of bullying at school. How do I help him to deal with this as a believer?

1. Teach them first to turn to the Lord. Psa 3, 27; Rom 8:28-30
2. Teach them to turn to the governing authorities as God’s means of dealing with wrongdoers. Rom 13:1-4
3. Teach them it is never okey to retaliate, but that in cases of physical bullying, it is permissible to defend oneself. Matt 5:39b; Exo 22:2-3

Episode 76: As a Christian there is a lot of pressure and conversation about children… A question I find myself praying about and asking others about often is birth control. The Bible clearly says children are a wonderful gift from the Lord. Also, the Bible clearly says we should lay our will down for His. With that being said, should Christians use any form of birth control or is it sinful? Should we simply let the Lord decide how many children we have?

– We shouldn’t add prohibitions or commands to the Bible.
– That something is a gift from God does not preclude our responsibility to be wise stewards of it.
– Being a wise steward of our ability to procreate may entail controlling the timing and number of children we have.
– God uses human agency as a means to accomplish His will. Using birth control does not equal disallowing God to decide how many children you will have.

Episode 75: Can a married Christian have opposite gender friends?

– Whenever possible, spouses should prefer one another. Phil 2:3-4; Gen 2:24
– The one-flesh relationship creates an atmosphere where jealousy is actually appropriate.
– It is unwise in the extreme to have opposite sex friendships that do not closely involve your spouse. Pro 6:27-28; 7:4-5

Episode 73: How should I deal with fellow believers, even family members, who have decided homosexuality is not a sin? Part 3

Part 3 Highlights:
– New Testament texts condemn homosexuality in general, not merely homosexual promiscuity. Rom 1:18-32; 1 Cor 16:9-11; 1 Tim 1:8-10
– The New Testament holds out hope for change to all sinners, including those who struggle with same-sex attraction.
– For any sin, hope comes not from becoming comfortable in your sin, but from running to a Savior.

Episode 72: How should I deal with fellow believers, even family members, who have decided homosexuality is not a sin? Part 2

Part 2 Highlights:
– What we believe should always be dictated by the Bible. John 17:17
– Everywhere that homosexuality is mentioned or depicted in the Bible it is condemned as sinful.
– Typical objections to Old Testament passages ignore the context.
– The Old Testament law is a reflection of the character of God. The New Testament helps us to interpret each law correctly. In the case of laws prohibiting homosexual behavior, the New Testament simply echoes the Old.