Episode 110: How/when to defend ourselves against accusations?

Episode Highlights:
– We shouldn’t apply Jesus’ example of silence before accusers as a blanket over all conflict.
– For the sake of the relationship and the gospel, as much as possible, we should seek to remove misunderstanding.
– Our motive should be love and not vindication.
– Once we have tried to correct misconceptions, we should rest in Rom 12:18: “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

Episode 105: A biblical perspective on busyness?

– God requires us to be good stewards of our time. Eph 5:15-16
– The life of a disciple is a life of work and service. Eph 4:12
– God has given us a broad range of commands that require balance in order to be faithful stewards.
– Over-doing it in any one area can cause us to be unfaithful in other areas.

Episode 104: How should I respond to unloving correction?

Episode Highlights:
– Strive to see God as the ultimate agent working in your life.
– Value correction of all kinds as if it contained gold.
– Even mean-spirited correction can be helpful.
– Even inaccurate correction can be helpful.
– Recognize pride as the great killer of progress toward Christlikeness.