Episode 175: Dealing with besetting sexual sin

Episode Highlights: If not already, engage in the typical mechanics of fighting sin: radical amputation (Matt 5:29-30), putting off/putting on (Eph 4:22-24), mind renewal (Rom 12:2), accountability (2 Tim 2:22), and prayer. It is crucial to have a clear view of the compassion of Christ for sinners. He is drawn to us, pities us inContinue reading “Episode 175: Dealing with besetting sexual sin”

Episode 167: Counseling a child regarding assurance?

Episode Highlights The Bible doesn’t point to our conversion experience as a source of assurance. The Bible does point to spiritual growth as a source of assurance. (2 Peter 1:5-10) We can help our children by making sure they understand the distinctions between justification and sanctification. We can help our children by helping them toContinue reading “Episode 167: Counseling a child regarding assurance?”