Episode 103: Kids’ sports vs church

Episode Highlights:
– We are tasked with raising our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, which includes training them regarding life priorities. Eph 6:4; Prov 22:6
– Meaningful involvement in the Body is not only commanded, it is essential for our spiritual growth. Heb 10:24-25
– Set Biblical priorities in stone; fit in other things as is spiritually expedient.

Episode 102: 501c3 status for churches…

– There is nothing wrong biblically with holding 501c3 status.
– The Bible does not portray the government as a natural adversary of the church.
– The NT authors assumed that decisions would need to be made on issues not addressed by the Scriptures.

Episode 101: How to argue well?

– It is not sinful to have a conflict and try to address it.
– The issue cannot be reconciled until the issue is understood.
– To understand the issue we must listen well.
– Mentally divide the conversation into halves: listening and solving.
– In the listening part, the only objective is to understand the other person’s perspective.
– Only move on to the solving portion of the conversation after agreeing that both perspectives are understood.

Episode 99: Should we listen to music produced by those we disagree with theologically?

– This is a conscience/wisdom issue. We can disagree and still have fellowship!
– Parents who have laid a groundwork for evaluating lyrics from a worldview perspective may be more comfortable allowing the use of music from a source that is questionable.
– Use of a particular song in worship does not equal endorsement of all the theological positions of those who produced it.
– A song that is theologically sound in itself should not be considered anathema because of who wrote it.

Episode 98: Are meds always bad for depression/anxiety?

– Psychology is based upon a different worldview than Biblical Christianity.
– Whether or not to use medication for depression/anxiety is a wisdom/conscience issue.
– Biblical counseling should be our automatic approach to depression/anxiety while seeing a medical doctor to rule out physiological issues.
– There may be legitimate physiological issues that can be addressed by medication.

Episode 97: Is it biblical to pursue wealth of any kind?

– It is wise to plan for the future. Prov 6:6-8
– Be careful to keep earthly and heavenly pursuits in their proper order. Matt 6:25-33
– Be as generous as possible. 2 Cor 8; Prov 3:9-10

100 Episodes…Let’s Celebrate with a Contest!

Our 100th episode of Truth & Circumstances is rapidly approaching.  To mark the occasion, we are doing several things to celebrate.

  • We’re holding a contest for the best question.  Like last time, “best” means the question that makes the judges most quickly say, “I really want to hear an answer to that!”  The contest has already begun—it started with the posting of Episode 96: “How Can I Help a High Maintenance Person?”
  • We’re broadening the field, so to speak, when it comes to questions that qualify.  Typically, we ask for circumstantial questions.  For this contest, you can ask any biblical, theological, ethical, or circumstantial question.  The sky is the limit.  The only questions that cannot win are anonymous questions (for the obvious reason that we wouldn’t know who to award) and questions that have already been answered (you know who you are).
  • The winning question will be awarded…a $50 gift certificate to missionalwear.com. Don’t know about missionalwear.com? Just click missionalwear.com! They carry all kinds of products for the enthusiastically reformed: apparel, mugs, journals, bible covers, busts of your favorite Reformers…even cutting boards!  That’s right—you can get a cutting board laser-engraved with the five Solas.  
  • The winning question will be answered on…the 100th episode, which will be live-streamed on Facebook on Tuesday, March 12 at 7pm. The live-stream will allow for realtime interaction between the T&C crew and anyone watching.
  • The winning question will be answered by…a special guest.  Don’t get too excited; it’s not John Piper.  But like many of the reformers featured on missionalwear.com, he is a bearded pastor/theologian whom I greatly admire.  We can’t wait to hear from him on the winning question.   

Tell your friends, tell your family, and ask those questions by submitting them on the Contact Us page at truthandcircumstances.com.  Then tune in (log on) to the livestream on March 12 to see if you won!

Episode 96: How can I help a high maintenance person?

– Pray for patience, grace, and energy
– Bring in other more knowledgable Christians to help
– Offer some good apologetic and theological resources
– Pray that the Lord will use this to sharpen you

Episode 95: Does it really mean that? Does 1 Corinthians 14 Mean Women are to Keep Silent in Church?

Episode Highlights:
– Don’t violate your conscience. Rom 14:23
– Educate your conscience according to the Scriptures.
– Paul allows for women to pray and prophesy in 1 Cor 11.
– The prohibition against women speaking in 1 Cor 14:34-35 seems to refer to the judging prophecies (1 Cor 14:29-33).
– Judging prophecies would fall under the category of exercising authority over men, which is forbidden. 1 Tim 2:12

Episode 94: How should I relate to my nudist father?

Episode Highlights:
1. The nudist lifestyle is a sexual perversion according to the Bible. Gen 3, 9:21-25; Lev 18
2. We should not subject our children to such sexual perversions. Eph 6:4
3. Sometimes the most loving thing is to allow someone to feel how their sin cuts them off from others.

Episode 93: UNSCRIPTED: My step-brother just left his wife – what should I do?

Comment: My step-brother recently left his wife and two kids for another woman.

It came unexpectedly, and has devastated both sides of the family. He hasn’t seen or spoken to my parents, or his siblings, since he left them.

We’ve been supporting our sister and daughter in-law, and the children through this, as much as we can.

I want to reach out to my brother, but I’m angry and disgusted by his actions, and I don’t want to say things that will only serve to tear him down.

What’s worse, he says he’s a Christian, or at least claimed to be one for years, but his behavior throughout has seriously made me doubt his salvation.

As an angry and concerned sister, how should I biblically handle the situation?

NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN – Episode 92: [Unscripted] Follow-up: My spouse wants me to do something sexually that I’m uncomfortable with…

– No matter which side of the question you’re on, your disposition should be to serve your spouse.
– Open communication and patience are highly important in this area.
– We must differentiate between wants and needs. We need Christ all the time. Certain sexual acts belong in the realm of wants.
– The spouse desiring a particular act should consider the motive. Is it to fulfill a sexual fantasy associated with a sinful past? Or is it to cultivate a more meaningful and mutually pleasurable experience?

Episode 91: How can I help my spouse in the battle against lust?

Episode Highlights:
– Be encouraged by what your husband’s confession says about you and what it says about him.
– Keep your spouse’s sin in perspective: it is not unique; God affords all the resources to fight; your identity is in Him.
– Be available to your spouse sexually.
– Insist that your husband get help from brothers in Christ.

Episode 90: My niece is getting confirmed in the Catholic church. How should I handle the situation?


– We would not encourage participating in the celebration or attending the baptism/confirmation as, like a gay wedding, they are denials of the true gospel.
– It would be best to lovingly share the gospel with your sister beforehand, explaining why you cannot attend.
– Love sometimes requires us to strain a relationship.
– All subsequent interactions with the family should be overtly loving and gracious.

Episode 89: How do I help someone who doesn’t want help?

– Be aware that there are different ways to help in different situations (1 Thess 5:14)
– Have a conversation tailored to the person’s heart condition
– Pray for and pursue patience (Eph 4:1-2)

Episode 88: Bullying follow-up: What about non-physical bullying?

– We should look for opportunities to prepare our children for adulthood which may mean leaving them in difficult situations.
– We should also understand that preparing our children for adulthood sometimes means sheltering them, which may mean saving them from severe situations.
– We should try to gauge whether a particular situation is going to be a long-term benefit or detriment.

Episode 87: My spouse wants me to do something sexually that I find unappealing…

– Any sexual activity that is explicitly sinful should be out of the question in marriage. Prov 5-7
– Our primary aim in the sexual relationship in marriage is to give pleasure. 1 Cor 7:1-4
– We should never make demands of our spouses, but seek mutual pleasure.

Episode 86: Does it really mean that? Prov 22.6


– Remember that proverbs are not promises; they are general truths
– The book of Proverbs teaches us how to live wisely
– We should do our best to raise our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, trusting that in many cases, they will follow